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Интерактивный дисплей SMART Board 7075 Pro

Цена: по запросу

Артикул: SBID-7275P
Доставка по Москве: бесплатная
Touch technology HyPr Touch™ (Hybrid Precision Touch) proprietary hybrid system, which greatly improves upon
its InGlass™ core by optimizing both touch and pen performance, resulting in virtually no lag and
zero contact detect height
Multitouch capabilities Up to 10 simultaneous touch, writing and erase points
Object Awareness Behavior adjusts automatically to the tool or object you’re using, whether it’s a pen, finger, eraser or palm.
Pen ID Four people can write independently and simultaneously, using different colored ink.
Type LED
Aspect ratio 16:9
Optimal resolution 3840 × 2160 at 60 Hz
Horizontal frequency
135 kHz
Vertical frequency
60 Hz
Contrast ratio (typical) 5000:1
Brightness (maximum) 360 cd/m²
Pixel dimensions 0.429 mm × 0.429 mm
Gamut 72% of NTSC
Viewing angle 178°
Response time (typical) 8 ms
Included cables and
iQ appliance
Country-specific power cable
USB cable
Pen (×4)
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